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How to join


Members of Campbelltown Catholic Club are eligible to join Campbelltown Catholic Club Social Golf Club.

To play in our social group simply contact either Liam (liam20murphy@gmail.com) or Bob (rpiefke@outlook.com), nominating which event you would like to attend, who will then register you as a visitor. When you decide to join and you have paid your membership you will be issued with a registration form. You will then be registered on our website as a member and a password will be issued so that you can register for games on the website.

If you do not have a current AGU handicap you have to complete two score cards in our regular competition rounds for your handicap to be assessed. If you do have a current AGU handicap your Social Club handicap can be issued immediately.





Let's Play Golf

Golf etiquette is a mixture of courtesy and commonsense.

Every golfer, regardless of experience or level of play, is expected to abide by the same code of behaviour.

Even when you step onto a golf course for the first time, there will be an expectation that you understand and observe this code of behaviour.


Before you have a practice swing or play a shot make sure that no one is standing too close to you.

When you hit the ball make sure that the people in front of you are out of range.

If your shot might possibly hit someone, shout "FORE". This is golfer's universal law of take cover.

Consider Others 

Treat others the way tou would like to be treated. Don't walk or fidget while others are playing a shot and avoid sudden movements or noises. Make sure that your shadow doesn't distract other players, particularly on the putting green.

Course Care 

  • 1) GREENS. Try to avoid walking close to the hole or walking on the putting lines of your partners. Marks made by balls pitching on the green, should repaired using a repair fork.
  • 2) FAIRWAYS. If you take a divot, it is up to you to repair the damage. Replace turf and press it down, or where provided, carry a sand bucket and fill in the divot hole with sand.
  • 3) BUNKERS. Enter bunkers on the lowest point. Rake smooth any footprints or club marls that you have made, before stepping out of the bunker.

Order of Play 

Golf ready: Whoever is ready should play first provided it is safe to do so.

Play without Delay

It is in everybody's interest to keep the game moving. Be ready to hit when it is your turn and watch all the balls hit by your group until they stop to avoid delays in searching.

To minimise delays on the green don't leave buggies and bags in front of the green, park them on the way to the next hole.

Leave the green quickly. Hold the "post mortems" on your walk to the next tee and record your scores when you get there.

Don't get frustrated or frustrate others. Hitting balls while another is still in range is both bad mannered and dangerous.


Your position in the field is directly behind

the group in front, NOT in front of the group behind.


Rule 11-3. Ball falling off Tee:

If a ball when not in play, falls off a tee or is knocked off a tee by the player addressing it, it may be re-teed without penalty, but if a stroke is made at the ball in these circumstances, the stoke counts but no penalty is incurred.

Rule 12-1. Searching for Ball; seeing ball: 

In searching for the ball anywhere on the course, the player may touch or bend long grass, rushes, bushes or the like, but only to the extent necessary to find and identify it, provided that this does not improve the lie of the ball, the area of his intended swing or his line of play. A player is not necessarily entitled to see his ball when playing a stroke.

Rule 12-2. Identifying Ball:

Except in a hazard, the player may, without penalty, lift a ball he believes to be his own for the purpose of identification and clean it to the extent necessary for identification. If the ball is the player's ball he shall replace it.

Rule 13-1. General: 

The ball shall be played as it lies, except or otherwise provided in the rules. CCC SGC rule allows the ball to be placed within 30cm from where the ball came to rest on the mown fairway you are playing, as long as it is no closer to the hole. If in doubt play the ball as it lies.

Rule 20-2. Dropping: 

A ball to be dropped under the rules shall be dropped by the player himself. He shall stand erect, hold the ball at shoulder height and arms length and drop it.

Rule 26-1. Ball in Water Hazard:

If a ball is in or lost in a water hazard (weather the ball lays in water or not) the player may under penalty of one stroke:

  • a. Play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played or:
  • b. Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, (ie: point of entry). There is no limit to how far behind the water hazard the ball may be dropped.

Rule 27. Ball lost:

A ball is lost if:

  • a. It is not found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the players side have begun to search for it.
  • b. The player has put another ball into play.

Rule 27-1. Ball lost or Out of Bounds:

If a ball is lost or out of bounds, the player shall play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.

If the stroke is to be played from a teeing ground the ball may be teed. If the stroke is to be played from through the green or a hazard, it shall be dropped.

Rule 27-2. Provisional Ball:

If a ball may be lost outside a water hazard or may be out of bounds, to save time the player may play another ball. The player MUST inform his opponent that he intends to play a provisional ball.

The player may play the provisional ball until he reaches the place where the original ball is likely to be.


Upcoming Events
Below is a list of all the upcoming events:
Next Game Tee-Off Course Event Type
05-Dec-21 06:45 6.45am Antill Park RSL Challenge STABLEFORD
12-Dec-21 06:00 6:00am Camden 4 Man Ambrose Christmas Function AMBROSE
16-Jan-22 07:00 7:00am Antill Single Stableford C.O.W

PLEASE ADVISE BOB (rpiefke@outlook.com) or Liam (liam20murphy@gmail.com)  if you are interested in participating as a guest.